Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I've been working on a brand identity that's near and dear to my heart,
a shop called Pastiche at Main.

Pastiche at Main is under the ownership and direction of a sweet friend of mine, Haley Pavao, who had a dream of opening a shop where lots of creative people could come together and share one shop roof. It's tagline is "a hodgepodge of local creatives" and that's exactly what it will be - a beautiful collaboration of people with different talents and skills under one shop name, Pastiche at Main.

And I am oh so excited to announce that Honeysuckle will be one of those creative shops under that roof! A little piece of my dream is coming true through Haley's dream!

"I have a dream of owning my own shop one day. It would be tucked into a picturesque street somewhere lined with buildings full of character. The front would be all windows. I would offer coffee and biscotti, always. I would chat and make friends with people who come into my shop. It would be filled with all sorts of beautiful and unique things. Some vintage, some not. One whole wall would hold my stationary line. It would be the kinds of shop that was always new and surprising. You would walk in and wouldn't be able to help but smile.

But until that day, I'm carving out a little niche for myself here in cyberspace."

This has been my etsy profile for quite some time. And yeah, so the shop isn't technically mine.
And don't hold Haley to offering you biscotti. But everything else is there - a beautiful location in character-filled downtown Lynchburg, big glass front doors and windows, and a shop filled with beautiful and unique things. {Check out the facebook page for a preview of what kinds of things you'll see in Pastiche!}

Honeysuckle will be featuring art prints and invitations {and taking custom designs!}, fun vintage finds {finally room for some bigger pieces!} and even some handmade items!

As I start this new chapter, I've decided to combine Shelby Goodman Designs & The Honeysuckle Shop under one cohesive name: honeysuckle, designs & things. Pretty self explanatory - one part design and one part things. I like the ambiguity in the word 'things' because it doesn't tie me down, but for now those things are mostly unique vintage finds.

I have the hardest time branding myself. I'm always getting new ideas or finding new fonts I like and I want to change things up. So, for this new chapter, I decided to use my own handwriting & drawing for my brand - you can't very well get sick of your own handwriting, can you?
And I'm really liking the idea of have a full name logo with a tagline and then a clean and simple shorthand version of that logo. It works.

And to all you un-local honeysuckle shop fans, don't worry. My etsy store will remain open and will be gaining expanded invitation & art print sections and will still feature one-of-a-kind vintage items!

Thanks for getting excited along with me and being a part of the journey!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grady's 1st Birthday!

I totally thrive in party planning mode.
It's just one of those things I enjoy doing. Designing, decorating, crafting, cooking - count me in.
And when it's for someone I love, my joy increases tenfold.

I always said I wasn't going to be that mom.
You know, the one that plans a big party for that birthday they'll never remember?
But you know what I decided? Grady's first birthday is a big deal and should be celebrated to the fullest with all the people that love him.
And that looks different for everyone, but if you like to throw parties, it might look kinda like this:

A fun theme,

stuff for the kids to do,

lots of family and friends,

a smash cake event,

Shout out to Lora (from Tater Tots on Etsy) who made this hat and bib combo exactly as I imagined it!

special presents,

a photobooth,

and lots of love!

We were able to borrow things and use what we had in order to keep the party budget-friendly.
We DIY'ed a couple things that were easy and inexpensive.
We got one big piece of plywood in order to make three different things for the party:

The Polaroid PhotoBooth

Basically, it's a piece of plywood with a square cut out of the middle, painted white, with painted on lettering for your event. DIY photobooth - done and done.

Mousetrap Monthly Photo Display

I took monthly photos of Grady during his first year and wanted a fun way to display them during his party. So, we got a big piece of plywood, painted it white, then disassembled mousetraps to use as clips and painted the numbers 1-12 on them! Inexpensive and perfect for displaying pictures!

Giant Number 1 Sign
I freehanded a number 1 on the plywood and then Josh evened it out with his ruler and cut it out. Slapped some white paint on it and called it good.

I also crafted a few things:.

Tassel Garland
 Made of tissue paper, this is a great and inexpensive party item!
Just search 'tassel garland' on pinterest if you need a tutorial!

Cupcake Toppers
I used photoshop to cut Grady's little face out of a photo and give him a party hat.
This may have been my favorite thing of the day - it made me smile just to look at!

Large Photo Backdrop
I got these 20x30 pictures printed at Staples for under $3 each and mounted them to foam board to make a backdrop display.

Tri-Color Smash Cake
I also tried my hand at making a smash cake!
I wanted it to coordinate with his colors so I used one funfetti cake mix and divided it into thirds and then used food dye to color it accordingly!

 It came out just as I envisioned! I couldn't believe it!

It was a seriously great day and I don't think Grady could have been more loved.

 Do I really have a toddler now?!

This party was awarded "Best Decorations" by Party Pail!
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