Tuesday, November 19, 2013

honeysuckle, styled.

This collage in Sarah's home makes my heart skip a beat. I just love their family photos and the gray mis-matched frames, and the way she added in her Honeysuckle print is so perfect!

Sarah and her husband are phenomenal photographers so I'm pleased to have one of my prints next to such pretty pictures!

And yeah, can we just admire this awesome light fixture for a minute?
 Love everything about this, Sarah!

Do you have something from The Honeysuckle Shop in your home? Email me a photo and I love to show off how you styled it!

Art prints available for purchase here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Craft Fix

As a girl who loves to create and work with her hands, but is also a busy mama with limited free time, sometimes sitting down for even 10 minutes to create something is just what I need.

A project that truly takes 10 minutes and has a gratifying outcome is a bunting.
I pretty much make myself a new one every season. This year I opted for gold polka dot burlap that would take me through October and November.

While deciding what size and shape I wanted my bunting to be, I  realized that one cut could make me two buntings!

Just one angled cut across this folded rectangle...

And I had two different bunting shapes!

So I just kept cutting until I had a decent stack of each.

Then I glued them along a string of twine.

Seriously, 10 minutes. Does a crafty mama's soul good.

So then what do you do with the other bunting?
You gift it to your bestie...

What's your go-to craft-fix project?